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U.S. Vice President Flag

U.S. Vice President Flag
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Product Description

These U.S. Government Vice Presidential Office Flags are made to official U.S. heraldic specifications. They are offered in nylon fabric or ceremonial rayon embroidered.

The prices below are for 4’4”x5’6” flags. If you need a size different than this, please contact us for a quote.

The Vice President's flag is defined in Executive Order 11884:

The Color and Flag of the Vice President of the United States shall consist of a white rectangular background of sizes and proportions to conform to military custom, on which shall appear the Coat of Arms of the Vice President in proper colors within four blue stars. The proportions of the element of the Coat of Arms shall be in direct relation to the hoist, and the fly shall vary according to the customs of the military services.

Attached to the order were illustrations of the seal and flag, and also a set of "specifications" for the flag, which defines more precise colors for the elements than does the blazon (written description) of the coat of arms:[1]

Flag base—white. Stars, large—dark blue; stars, small—silver gray. Shield: Chief—dark blue. Stripes—white and red. Eagle: Wings, body, upper legs—shades of brown. Head, neck, tail—white, detailed silver gray. Beak, feet, lower legs—yellow. Talons—dark gray, white highlights. Arrows—silver gray. Olive branch: Leaves—shades of green; stem—brown. Olives—green. Rays—yellow. Clouds—silver gray. Scroll—silver gray. Letters—black. All dimensions are exclusive of heading and hems. Device to appear on both sides of flag but will appear reversed on reverse side of flag, except that the motto shall read from left to right on both sides. The design of the eagle is basically identical to that in the presidential flag. Other than a slightly shorter central tail feather, which was perhaps inadvertent, all of the differences are in coloration. The written design specifies gray for the clouds and stars above the eagles head, the scroll, and the arrows; these are "proper" (i.e. naturally colored), argent, white, and proper respectively in the President's seal and flag.[2] In the flag specifications, the chief (upper third area) of the shield is dark blue (rather than the light blue specified for the presidential flag), the stem of the olive branch is brown (the presidential flag uses green), and the olives are just green (instead of specifically light green).

100% Made in the USA

Allow-4-5 weeks for these custom made flags.

Guidons and More is a division of U S. Heraldry LLC

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