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California SpectraPro Polyester Flags

California SpectraPro Polyester Flags
These attractive, yet durable California SpectraPro polyester flags are made by Valley Forge Flag company. The fabric used is a heavy-weight 2-ply spun polyester that's been designed specifically to minimize the havoc that high winds can wreak on a flag. It is made of the best synthetic fabric in the industry so it can handle whatever hits it with ease.

SpectraPro is a heavy material that needs a fairly good amount of breeze to fly and resembles heavy cotton flag fabric except that it will last a lot longer because the polyester fiber is far stronger than cotton. If is is often windy where you live then a SpectraPro flag is a good choice.

Please note that the heavy polyester does absorb water and when it's wet, it gets even heavier so if it's always raining when the wind's blowing, SpectraPro is probably not the best choice so we would recommend our nylon fabric flags instead.