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U.S. Supplier & Manufacturer of Armed Forces Guidons, Flags, Navy Award Pennants, Battle Streamers, Ceremonial, Government Agency Plaques & Organizational Flags, Indoor Flag Sets, Parade Equipment, Uniform Patches & More.

CAGE Code- 4HMN8

Guidons and More is a division of Flags and

Honor Guard & Ceremonial Accessories

Honor Guard & Ceremonial Accessories
We carry Honor and Color Guard ceremonial accessories for all branches of the Armed Forces. These items are of the highest quality and conform to currently government issued equipment.

We carry commonly used items such as belts, gloves, ceremonial leggings, shoulder cords, ceremonial sword or sabre holders and frogs, garrison belts, flag carriers, USAF Honor Guard patches and more.

Please contact us for your honor guard needs as we have access to most ceremonial and uniform articles and will be happy to provide a quote.

New- We now offer a line of Navy Ceremonial Quarterdeck items for your ship.

Guidons and More is a division of U S. Heraldry LLC

Authorized Cage- 4HMN8 DUNS-784285152