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USMC Uniform Brassard (w/Unit Patch)

USMC Uniform Brassard (w/Unit Patch)
Item# CL-USMC13
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Product Description

These USMC Duty arm band Brassards are made from a washable, high quality and heavy duty crimson red polyester fabric that is fade resistant and washable. They measure 9" high and feature adjustable velcro closures.

Brassards are used to identify military personnel in a duty status. Common billets are Duty NCO (DNCO), Officer Of the Day (OOD), Command Duty Officer (CDO), Duty Driver, Staff Duty NCO (SDNCO, Camp Guard etc.

Your Unit patch is fully embroidered onto the armband along with your unit info embroidered above and below the patch.

Please email a picture of your unit patch and we will take it from there.

Please enter the info for your brassards in the blocks provided above. Enter date needed by in the "Comments" section during checkout.

Embroidered brassards ship 2 weeks from date of order.