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USMC Uniform Brassard (w/Embroidered EGA)

USMC Uniform Brassard (w/Embroidered EGA)
Item# CL-USMC12
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Product Description

These standard USMC Duty Brassards are made from a washable, high quality heavy duty polyester fabric that is fade resistant and washable. They feature adjustable velcro closures.

Brassards are used to identify military personnel in a duty status. Common billets are Duty NCO (DNCO), Officer Of the Day (OOD), Command Duty Officer (CDO), Duty Driver, Staff Duty NCO (SDNCO, Camp Guard etc.

This version features a 2" x 2" fully embroidered Eagle, globe, and Anchor embroidered in the center of the armband. The armband measures 9" high and has 2 adjustable Velcro closures.

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Embroidered brassards ship 2 weeks from date of order.

100% Made in the USA