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USA 5' x 9' 6" Cotton Casket Flag

USA 5' x 9' 6" Cotton Casket Flag
Item# AF-3232

Product Description

This premium USA casket flag is made from 100% domestic mercanized cotton fabric to exacting U.S. Government specifications. It measures 5Ft x 9.5Ft long. These are the same flags provided to the Veterans Administration to surviving members of a Veteran. Official Government size(1:1.9)host fly ratio.

Other Features:

2-Ply, mercerized cotton bunting. Heavy canvas duck heading constructed to government specs, #2 rolled rim solid brass grommets. Official government size (1:1.9 hoist to fly ratio).

G-SPECs have fully embroidered stars: GSA specified high-tenacity material. Even the material and thread is color matched.

The quality of these American Flags are unsurpassed.

NSN 8345-00-753-3232

Made with pride in the USA

NOT available in any store