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US Navy Enlisted Submarine Warfare Excellence Pennant (Silver)

US Navy Enlisted Submarine Warfare Excellence Pennant (Silver)
Item# MP-DP1115S

Product Description

These high quality US Navy Enlisted Submarine Warfare Excellence Pennant (Silver)are nowavailable in Two sizes.

Choose from a 11"H x 15"L or a larger 18 1/2H" x 26"L. Both flags are made from an all-weather heavy duty nylon fabric and feature a silver double-sided embroidered design on a navy blue background. simply choose your desired size from the pulldown menu and pricing will adjust accordingly.

The 11" x 15" size features a cotton duck header and 2 brass grommets and the 18" X 26" size features a 2 inch cotton duck header and brass snap line & ring. Both sizes feature embroidered submarine warfare qualification design.

Proudly made in the USA to military standards for appearance and durability.

The highest quality materials are used for the most impressive visual display.

100% Made in the USA

The Commanders of Submarine Forces Atlantic Fleet and Submarine Forces Pacific Fleet award this flag to vessels under their cognizance whose officers and enlisted personnel meet established standards for percentages qualifying for the officers' gold submariners' dolphins and the enlisted silver submariners' dolphins. These flags date back at least to the 1960s. They are flown while not under way from a staff attached to the after edge of the submarine's sail (conning tower).