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U.S. Supplier & Manufacturer of Armed Forces Guidons, Flags, Navy Award Pennants, Battle Streamers, Ceremonial, Government Agency Plaques & Organizational Flags, Indoor Flag Sets, Parade Equipment, Uniform Patches & More.

U.S. Navy SOPA Pennants

U.S. Navy SOPA Pennants

Product Description

Our U.S. Navy SOPA (Senior Officer Present Afloat) pennants are available in several sizes and are manufactured from a strong maritime nylon fabric as well as Mil-Spec acrylic fabric. They feature a long tapering pennant with a blunt end composed of vertical green, white, and green stripes. They are finished with strong nylon headers, rope, and brass snap hooks and rings.

Available in several sizes.

Sz0- 8" x 24"

Sz2- 16" x 36"

Sz7- 24" x 54"

Sz10- 32" x 72"

Sz14- 32" x 108"

Per Navy regulations- (Article 1280) of U.S. Navy Regulations (1990):

"If two or more ships of the Navy are together in port, the senior officer present afloat pennant shall be displayed from the ship in which the senior officer present afloat is embarked, except when his or her personal flag clearly indicates his or her seniority. The pennant shall be displayed from the inboard halyard of the starboard main yardarm."

Made in the USA