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U.S. Navy Expeditionary Warfare Pennant 18"x26"

U.S. Navy Expeditionary Warfare Pennant 18"x26"
Item# NP-NEXWP1826

Product Description

These US Navy Expeditionary Warfare Pennants measure 18"H x 26"L features an silver embroidered Expeditionary Warfare Pin design on a nylon navy blue background. These pennants are finished with a cotton duck header and brass grommets.

Made in the USA

The EXW qualification (referred to as Expeditionary Warfare Specialist) is a warfare qualification awarded to enlisted United States Navy personnel, and select United States Coast Guard personnel temporarily assigned to the U.S. Navy, who satisfactorily complete the required qualification course and pass a qualification board hearing. The program was approved July 31, 2006 by then-Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Mullen.

The qualification was developed to provide a chance for enlisted sailors in the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command community (naval personnel serving in a maritime security or maritime combat related role) to earn a warfare qualification.