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U.S. Army Medical Department General Officer Flags (1 Star)

U.S. Army Medical Department General Officer Flags (1 Star)
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Product Description

These U.S. Army Medical Department Brigadier General Flags are made to official U.S. Government Specifications (G-Spec). These flags feature the appropriate Army General star field appliqued onto heavyweight SolarMax (TM) maroon color nylon or rayon fabric.

Available with grommets or Snap Hook & Ring for attaching to a lanyard or with a Pole Hem only (PH) or Pole Hem & Fringe(PHF) for indoor display.

Size 7- 1'10"X2'8"

Size 6- 3'6"X5'1"

3'x 4' 4"

3' x 5'

4'4"X5'6" W/ Pole Hem & Fringe

S&R- Snaphook & Ring for outdoor flagpoles

PHF-Pole Hem & Fringe for Indoor display

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping as these flags are custom made.

100% made in the USA . .