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U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Flags (G-Spec)

U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Flags (G-Spec)
Item# MF-CGE

Product Description

Product Description

These official government specified U.S. Coast Guard Ensign flags are available in 3 sizes.

Size 5- 8345-00-242-0275 15" x 24"

Size 4- 8345-00-242-0274 30" x 48"

Size 3- 8345-00-243-9015 60" x 96"


G-Spec Flags feature;

- Exclusive Perma-Nyl high tenacity, Industrial strength-70 denier light weight nylon.

- Heavy Canvas duck heading constructed to govt specifications.

- #2 rolled rim, solid brass toothed grommets.

The USCG ensign is displayed as a mark of authority for boardings, examinations and seizures of vessels for the purpose of enforcing the laws of the United States . The ensign is never carried as a parade or ceremony standard.