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U.S. Supplier & Manufacturer of Armed Forces Guidons, Flags, Navy Award Pennants, Battle Streamers, Ceremonial, Government Agency Plaques & Organizational Flags, Indoor Flag Sets, Parade Equipment, Uniform Patches & More.

CAGE Code- 4HMN8

Guidons and More is a division of Flags and

U.S. Army Field Flag (Nylon)

U.S. Army Field Flag (Nylon)

Product Description

These U.S. Army field flags are made of 100% nylon material and feature a screen printed design, strong nylon header, multiple stitching and real brass grommets. They are available in several sizes.

This field flag is identical in design to the Army Flag except that the main colors are reversed (ultramarine blue field, white insignia, yellow fringeand Pole Hem (for indoor versions).

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of 4x6Ft and larger flag sizes.

The Army motto, "THIS WE'LL DEFEND," appears above the insignia. Below it is a red scroll inscribed with "UNITED STATES ARMY" in white lettering. The year of the Army's official birth, 1775, appears in blue numerals beneath the scroll.

Made in the USA .

Guidons and More is a division of U S. Heraldry LLC

Authorized Cage- 4HMN8 DUNS-784285152