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U.S. Navy Honor Roll Retention Award Pennant

U.S. Navy Honor Roll Retention Award Pennant

Product Description

This U.S. Navy Golden Anchor Pennant Award is available in several sizes and features a sewn design on all weather nylon fabric, a strong canvas header and a brass snap ring and hook. These Navy award pennants are available in government sizes of 8, 6, and 4. Dimensions shown below;

Size 8- 13" x 26"

Size 6- 18" x 35"

Size 4 -28" x 53"

The Golden Anchor award, also called the Navy Honor Roll Pennant, is presented to recognize the ships, aircraft squadrons, shore installations, and so on that do the best job of persuading sailors to reenlist at the end of their terms of service during that Fiscal Year. The pennant is Spanish Yellow in color and features a blue anchor and has a line snap & ring for attaching to a flagpole lanyard.

Size 8 stocked. Other sizes ship 2 weeks from date of order. Made to official US Navy specifications.