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U.S. Navy Safety Afloat Award Pennant (G-Spec)

U.S. Navy Safety Afloat Award Pennant (G-Spec)
Item# MP-SAP
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Product Description

These U.S. Navy Safety Award Pennants are made to official U.S. Govt specifications. They are made of a tough nautical grade nylon fabric and feature canvas headers, Brass grommets, or brass snap & rings, and nylon ropes.

This pennant is a green triangular pennant with a white circle and a green cross is awarded to ships that win the annual surface force commanders' competitions for shipboard safety. The pennant is flown from a yardarm of the ship when not under way.

SIZE 4- 35 X 211

SIZE 6- 2 X 19

SIZE 8- 12 X 11/4