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Navy Battle Efficiency E Pennant (G-Spec)

Navy Battle Efficiency E Pennant (G-Spec)
Item# MP-BEP
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Product Description

These U.S. Navy battle efficiency pennants are made from 200 denier nylon with reinforced fly ends. The Battle E pennant (Meatball Pennant) is available in three different sizes.

SIZE 4- 35 X 211

SIZE 6- 2 X 19

SIZE 8- 12 X 11/4

The battle efficiency pennant, or "meatball," (left) is flown at the truck of the foremast when not under way, beneath any citation pennants or Secretary of the Navy award flags, to signify a ship's winning of the annual fleetwide competition for sustained superior performance in an operational environment. In addition, the winning ship paints a large white "E" on the bridge bulwarks on both the port and starboard sides of the ship. A ship that wins five consecutive battle efficiency competitions replaces the white "E" with a gold one and is entitled to the special battle efficiency pennant (right). Besides the battle efficiency "E", ships also compete for a number of specialized awards signified by the painting of various letters and symbols on the ship.

Made in the USA