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Army Corps Of Engineers Flags (G-Spec Nylon)

Army Corps Of Engineers Flags (G-Spec Nylon)

Product Description

This Government Specified (G-Spec) US Army Corps Of Engineers flag features the Corps of Engineers "Castle" screen printed on a scarlet red field. It is made to exact government specifications. It features heavy duty nylon fabric, strong cotton duck canvas header, real #2 rolled rimmed brass grommets, and reinforced stitching along the flag corners and 4 rows of stitching along the fly end make this Army Corps of Engineers flag one of the strongest most durable available anywhere.

This flag was originally intended for vessels, but is authorized for use by divisions, districts, laboratories, offices and facilities of the corps. It is also authorized to be displayed ashore by Corps of Engineers facilities that are not located on Army installations.

We stock 2x3Ft, 3x5Ft,4x6Ft, and 5x8ft sizes. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery on larger sizes.

Made in the USA