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U.S. Air Force Departmental Ceremonial Flag ( Embroidered)

U.S. Air Force Departmental Ceremonial Flag ( Embroidered)
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Product Description

This U.S. Air Force Departmental/Organizational flag is made to government specifications (G-Spec). They are available in 2 sizes;

3'x 4'

4' 4" x 5' 6"

Embroidered Air Force service seal on both sides of the flag fabric. Available in nylon fabric for indoor or outdoor display or for the most visual and ceremonial appearance we also offer this flag in Bemberg Rayon fabric for indoor display. This version is the most attractive but due to the fine material used, recommended for indoor display only. Both versions feature a flannel-lined pole hem heading with leather tabs and golden rayon fringe for indoor display. Available in two sizes.

Size 3x4FT equivalent to NSN 8345-01-136-7701 Made in the USA

The United States Air Force Ceremonial Departmental Flag is the senior organizational flag of the Air Force. The flag is made of heavyweight rayon banner cloth; its dimensions are 4 feet 4 inches at the hoist by 5 feet 6 inches on the fly, with ultramarine blue field and 2 1/2-inch yellow fringe. The insignia is the coat of arms of the Department of the Air Force.

The Air Force Ceremonial Departmental Flag is displayed with a set of campaign streamers, one to recognize each battle or campaign fought by the Air Force, beginning with the Mexican Expedition (1916-17). Campaign credits prior to 1947, when the Air Force was part of the Army, are also commemorated by streamers on the Army Ceremonial Flag.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.