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U.S. Army Dental Laboratories 3x4Ft Organizational Flag

U.S. Army Dental Laboratories  3x4Ft Organizational Flag
Item# MCF-51557
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Product Description

These official U.S. Army Dental Laboratories organizational flags are made to Army regulations (AR-840) and meet US heraldry specifications. They feature a fully embroidered design sewn onto luxurious rayon fabric and are finished with a pole hem and fringe. These flags offer the fullest visual effect for display and are made for indoor display.

Description-The flag is the same as prescribed for US Army Dental Activities except the top scroll is inscribed U.S. ARMY AREA DENTAL LABORATORY.

All material and labor are USA derived. When ordering, please provide unit information in the text box provided above.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of these items.