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U.S. Supplier & Manufacturer of Armed Forces Guidons, Flags, Navy Award Pennants, Battle Streamers, Ceremonial, Government Agency Plaques & Organizational Flags, Indoor Flag Sets, Parade Equipment, Uniform Patches & More.

Custom Single Color Award Streamers (3Ft)

Custom Single Color Award Streamers (3Ft)
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Product Description

These custom award streamers are made from beautiful military-grade rayon fabric and available in many colors. They measure 2 3/4" x 36" and feature a fork tail design and are finished with a single brass grommet for attaching to a holder. Single sided streamers feature embroidery (No special characters are available)on one side and double-sided streamers are two streamers sewn together with embroidery on both sides.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

RUSH Option - Rush Option streamers ship 6 days from date of order. If you order cannot ship within six days from date of order, you will be contacted.