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Army Combat Medical Streamer

Army Combat Medical Streamer
Item# CS-CMS
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Product Description

This Army Combat Medical streamer features a 2 or 3Ft long maroon ribbon with a narrow white stripe on each side and white embroidered inscription "COMBAT MEDICAL (UNIT)" OR "EXPERT MEDICAL (UNIT)" is authorized to indicate service in combat or successful testing for the Expert Medical Badge. The Combat Medical Streamer may be awarded by commanders of armies, corps, divisions, or separate brigades when 65 percent or more of the TOE strength of a medical unit has been awarded the Combat Medical Badge during military operations in war. The Expert Medical Streamer may be awarded by commanders indicated in AR 600-8-22 when 65 percent or more of the assigned strength has been awarded the Expert Medical Badge as a result of Expert Field Medical Badge testing. The expert medical unit streamer may be displayed for one year after the unit qualifies.

2Ft Streamers can be made with a sleeve to slide over the guidon pole or with an optional grommet for attaching to a streamer attachment device.