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Battle Streamer Holder (24 Ring) Mil-Spec

Battle Streamer Holder (24 Ring) Mil-Spec
Item# AC-BSR24

Product Description

Battle Streamer Holder (24 Ring) Mil-Spec
These official Mil-Spec Campaign & Award Streamer holders are highly polished chrome finished and feature 24 individual rings for attaching Battle Streamers to.

This streamer attachment device will accommodate the complete set of (180+)Army Streamers.

These streamer holders are made for attaching to the top of 9.6Ft guidon pole staffs with the 8" army spearhead ornament.

Simply unscrew the Spearhead ornament from your guidon pole, place the streamer holder between the top ferrule and screw the ornament through the center hole of the streamer ring attachment and tighten down.

Made in the USA to official Military Specifications.

Army Spear ornament pictured IS NOT included.

Made in the USA to official heraldic specifications.