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Chrome Guidon Spearhead Spade Pole Ornament (G-Spec)

Chrome Guidon Spearhead Spade Pole Ornament (G-Spec)
Item# AC-5640684

Product Description

This highly buffed and polished Chrome Spearhead pole ornament measures 7" high and can be mounted a standard 1 1/4 inch diameter indoor parade pole or Guidon Pole. This 2Pc set includes the Silver/chrome Spear/Spade ornament and the matching ferrule. These silver guidon pole spearhead ornaments are made to official Military Specifications.

These Silver/chrome Spear/Spade ornaments are made to official goverment specifications and are made to accomodate Mil-Spec campaign streamer holders. They are available in a 7" or 8.5" length.

7" Spears are for the 7 and 8Ft Guidon Poles.

8.5" Spears are for the 9.6" Guidon Poles.

Made in the USA