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U.S.Air Force Miniature Framed Organizational Flags

U.S.Air Force Miniature Framed Organizational Flags
Item# FF-AFORGF912
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Product Description

These small framed US Air Force organizational flags are replicas of the full size unit organizational flags.

The framed flag dimensions measure 9" x 12" and are mounted in a high quality solid wood frame that measures 15" x 18". We use preservation grade materials such as acid free mats and break resistant acrylic glass.

Simply enter your unit name in the text box and we will look up the unit shield and email it to you for confirmation.

These framed US Air Force organizational miniatures are a great gift for retirement, Change of Station, VIP gifts or simply as a way of recognizing service in your organization.

Please allow for 2 weeks plus shipping on these custom made items.