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U.S. Supplier & Manufacturer of Armed Forces Guidons, Flags, Navy Award Pennants, Battle Streamers, Ceremonial, Government Agency Plaques & Organizational Flags, Indoor Flag Sets, Parade Equipment, Uniform Patches & More.

Gold Indoor Flagpole Floor Stand

Gold Indoor Flagpole Floor Stand
Item# AC-31012
Guidon Pole Adapter: 

Product Description

This attractive indoor flagset floor stand is a favorite of the U.S. Armed Forces. It features a gold anodized finish on a gold aluminum outer shell which is formed around a rugged, cast inner shell. It weighs 22lbs and provides perfect combination of beauty as well as durability while providing stable base for your flagset.

These floorstands can also be used with guidon poles when used with the optional guidon pole adapter.

Fits 1 1/4" flag pole diameter Weight 22lbs Height: 5 1/2" Base Diameter: 12"


Guidon Pole Ferrule Adapter