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Coast Guard Guidon

Coast Guard Guidon

Product Description

These U.S. Coast Guard Guidons are made IAW Coast Guard regulations (NTP-13). They feature a swallowtail design, Pole hem and Tab for attaching to a guidon pole and are available in nylon or cotton fabric.

Design- The Coast Guard Unit organization guidon is a guidon shall be made of white wool bunting upon which insignia, shall be sewn on each side. This guidon shall measure 1.83 feet on the hoist and 2.33 feet on the fly. A Coast Guard Unit emblem, shall be placed in the center of each side of the guidon. Lettering and numerals appear on both sides of the guidon, reading from left to right on both sides.

Please provide your unit info for the bottom right of the guidon in the comments section upon checkout. .