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U.S. Army Assistant Under Secretary Flag

U.S. Army Assistant Under Secretary Flag

Product Description

These official U.S. Assistant Under Secretary of the Army flags are made in accordance with the Department of Heraldry specifications. These flags measure 4'4"H x 5' 6"L and feature a pole hem and fringe.

These Army flags are available in nylon applique for indoor or outdoor use or for the most visually impressive look and feel we offer these flags in a fully embroidered design on luxurious rayon fabric for indoor display only.

Flag Description

The flag was approved by the Secretary of the Army on 21 September 1949. The flag is white on which is centered the United States Coat of Arms in proper colors, with an old glory blue five-pointed star in each corner. The fringe is old glory blue. Cord and tassels are old glory blue and white.